Base Rate: (sound system included)          


$500 for one hour/  $250 each additional hour

Included in per hour rate:

Sound system                                                                  

This includes two Hi-definition, Hi-powered QSC K.2.10 speakers, mics and all necessary cables and extension cords.  Electrical powers to be provided by the host party.  This system is adequate for streaming music for dancing and background ambient music.  Premium mics and cables are used to insure the highest quality listening experience for you and your guests.  The sound is kept as transparent as possible avoiding the dreaded pops, crackling and feedback.  "Open  mic" policy means guests, MC's are welcome to use the stage for speeches, announcements and anything else the host party needs.

One LED multicolored floodlight                                $50 for one hour/    $25 each additional hour

*Host Party may request songs to be performed from repertoire list, please visit:

*Host Party may request up to 2 (two) songs to be performed NOT on Mikiala's repertoire list.  Additional requests will be charged $50 per song.

General terms and conditions:

The venue is on the island of "Hawaii" meaning "The Big Island" and there is ample access to the venue to load and unload gear.  Parking validations are the responsibility of the host party.  There will be no refunds if the start time of the event is late,  Mikiala will NOT perform or provide services past the agreed upon END time of the function.  Services requested past the agreed end time will be granted at the discretion of Mikiala at a rate of of $200 per hour.  There is no pro-rating of services, they will be charged by the hour even if the host party terminates the function before the agreed end time.